• NeoSafe - Monitoring feeding ability of newborns

  • CARNAP Episteme HWSL- Driven Reasoning Engine

  • Blood flow simulation for cardiovascular surgical planning.

  • Surgitate fabricates synthetic models that surgeons, medical and veterinary students, and other medical staff such as nurses and obstetricians can practice on. Breast cancer self-awareness training and model.

  • Stroke rehabilitation with AI and robotics

  • The Futurelab systems focus on reducing errors which occurs in preanalytic processes (tubes with specimen labels attached, specimen labels, and patient identification labels)

  • Virtual Reality and Rehabilitation Games: Range of Motion for Hand and Games for finger Rehabilitation Balance Evaluation System Wrist and Finger Range of Motion (ROM) System

  • SpinaTrak is a spinal decompression device used in the treatment of lumbar and cervical disc herniation. With computer-controlled robotic system and multi-axial position, disc pressure between vertebral is decreased in 3 dimensional.

  • System prolongs the lives of cancer patients and 3D lung navigation system. The early diagnosis system for lung cancer decreases the money spent on health expenses.

  • Axolotl Biosystems creates high-resolution desktop 3D bioprinters and bioinks capable of producing functional three-dimensional living tissues.

  • Antimicrobial Bioplastic Production Made of Olive Seeds

  • The World's First Neuroprotective Glaucoma Treatment Device

    GlaucoT is a smart wearable device designed for gamma rhythm entrainment in order to reduce neuroinflammation.

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