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HIT is a venture development program in selected vertical technology markets. The program contributes to new ventures secure their first market/customer.

The program operates various feeder activities on idea, business plan and market strategy development. HIT program is a translational development/investment model where TTGV develops early access to promising new ventures for its investment programs.

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Who We Focus and Select

Regarding the product to be marketed, the applicant should demonstrate;

  • The presence of a measurable and accessible market,
  • An accepted problem, and a clear and marketable solution to this problem,
  • A competitive feature based on technology and knowledge,
  • A minimum viable product that can be validated according to market regulations,
  • Specific types of customer segments and revenue model,
  • Relevant profile of team members by means of experience and qualifications,
  • Coachable features to be able work together in the mid and long term.
  • A valid business plan presentation.


Qualified startups with a valid business plan will be accepted to “Initial Market Entry Program”. The program finances business development activities maximum 50.000 USD budget per startup for a one-year period to accelerate their initial market entry process. In this context, should the accepted startups be funded by an independent investor within five (5) years after acceptance, TTGV has the right to join the investment as a co-investor -based on the valuation of the investor, up to 1 million USD at 10% discount rate.

Throughout the operational processes of the program, TTGV will contribute directly to the cost of any business development product or service to be procured by the startups throughout the commercialization process. During program implementation, to support the growth of new startups and accelerate their effective market entry, TTGV team works together with sector professionals, consultants, mentors and organizations who will be appointed for each startup for various business development activities.

What We Do Within the Program

  • Development/strengthen go-to-market strategy,
  • Development of IP strategy,
  • Development customer channels, segments, customers, intermediaries (distributors)
  • Promotion and Marketing Actions – worldwide – fairs, symposiums, conferences, etc.
  • Quality System Infrastructure,
  • Processes for CE mark, or FDA approval, clinical research plans,(Compliance to sector-specific regulations)
  • Industrial design, UX & UI

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