The purpose of the TTGV 250K Health Technologies Customer and Business Development Program is to enable the product or service to be developed with the supports to be developed more effectively while in the idea phase.

Unlike the current incubation center and acceleration programs, it is aimed to identify startups’ problems or needs in the market with the contribution of the industry and customers, and to support the startup to address and solve the related problem and to discover a “customer development oriented” sustainable commercial model.

It is also possible to coordinate the TTGV 250K Program process through other entrepreneurial programs implementing organizations. Initiatives that will be supported by additional resources and processes and actively monitored by TTGV can be evaluated to be included in the HIT Thematic Development Program when it comes to bringing its product to the market.


During the TTGV 250K Program, startup candidates will be focused on Customer Development, and to attend training courses, seminars and workshops will be conducted under four main topics.

At the same, startups will be trained and mentored on health sector customers, business models and accreditation/certification processes in Turkey in order to help them to solve their problems with their products or services or to meet their needs by receiving information from the sector.


For more information, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

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